War in Europe and post COVID stimulus measures speed up green transformation

May 18, 2022
The speed of the green transformation is picking up quickly because of the very unfortunate situation in Ukraine and due to the post COVID-19 stimulus packages to boost the economies. Our managing partner, Thomas Poulsen, was the host for a panel on the these topics at Breakbulk Europe 2022 in Rotterdam on May 18, 2022.

Global offshore wind fireside chat: The key themes and issues of the supply chain, shipping, logistics, and ports

May 19, 2021
Offshore wind is expanding rapidly to include installations in more countries around the world. The supply chain is trying to keep up and expand. In this fireside chat, BreakBulk Events & Media invited Flemming Breum of Ørsted and Thomas Poulsen from Panticon to talk about offshore wind globalization from the perspective of shipping, logistics, and ports. Our Managing Partner was invited in his capacity as facilitator of Wind Logistics Group.

Wind turbines

Panticon’s involvement in shaping the future of wind logistics

March 15, 2021
Wind turbines are growing in terms of output yield and this means that the individual turbine components are getting heavier, bigger, and more voluminous. This has a profound impact on logistics in the wind industry and Panticon is actively involved in helping to ensure that transport equipment and port infrastructure can accommodate these changes across different markets globally.


The supply chain is trying to keep up with offshore wind globalization

March 8, 2021
Within several North European countries, offshore wind farms are now being constructed based on a zero-subsidy and fully market regulated off-take regime which has governments around the world mesmerized as the great green transformation is often associated with significant tax payer contributions. The phenomenon in North Europe is, however, based on a fully built-out supply chain and long-term commitment to offshore wind through a substantial pipeline of projects. As the rest of the world wants to be part of the offshore wind bonanza, the build-out of the local supply chains happen at a different pace and with different political and legislative frameworks. Making market entry into a new market should therefore be carefully analyzed and considered upfront. At Panticon, we possess and intimate understanding of the established markets as well as the new offshore wind markets.

wind turbine

Collaboration within the transport and logistics part of the wind energy value chain

March 1, 2021
To transport wind turbine components from manufacturing facilities to the installation sites, getting the local and international logistics right is important in the wind industry. Often extremely long, heavy, and/or over-sized items, wind turbine components are moved over far distances with significant requirements being put on the landside logistics chains, the ports, and the maritime element. The transport and logistics efforts are significant during construction process of the wind farms as well as the ensuing operations and maintenance life-cycle phase. Collaboration across the value chain is important to continuously understand, improve, and optimize the transport and logistics related tasks. This is part of what we do at Panticon.

Being competitive through innovation and adapting to new technology

February 22, 2021
Wind turbines are constantly scaling up in terms of electricity yield and this means that the turbines are continuously getting bigger, heavier, taller, and more voluminous. Wind farms are furthermore erected in more parts of the world and often in areas that are hard to get to onshore as well as offshore. To stay competitive as an industry and for different companies within the wind industry to continue to be relevant, innovation is key as is the ability to adapt to new technology. At Panticon, we actively work with companies when it comes to research and development.

Standardization is the path forward as the wind industry matures

February 9, 2021
Serial production in the wind industry only started in 1979 and this means that this nascent industry is only now starting to mature unlike for example the automotive industry where the first assembly line was put in place more than 100 years ago. As the wind industry matures, the implementation of standards become relevant and feasible for a number of reasons including the need to identify cost savings across the entire value chain. Panticon has actively contributed to standardization in the wind industry. Read more here.

Energy & Transport Summit IV Digital

December 15, 2020
Energy & Transport Summit IV digital took place online on MS Teams and had over 70 delegates attending. Panticon was a Summit Partner at the event and our managing partner Thomas Poulsen was one of the organizers as the facilitator of Wind Logistics Group.

“After Work” Meeting in Wind Logistics Group

November 24, 2020
At Panticon, we contribute to the work conducted by Wind Logistics Group by partially funding managing partner Thomas Poulsen’s role as facilitator of the group. The After Work/”gå hjem” meeting on November 24 revolved around green fuels as propulsion for offshore wind vessels.