The information on www.panticon.com is provided in good faith and only for general information. Panticon does not guarantee the correctness or current status of the information. The information generally refers to the time during which this website was built i.e. third quarter of 2018.


Privacy policy

This privacy policy describes how your information is collected and used during a visit to the website www.panticon.com.

The data collector and analyst of your data is:


Vivede Møllehuse 15

4640 Faxe


Danish company registration number 34 47 47 61

Collection of personal data

We are not collecting any kinds of personal data through the website www.panticon.com.


The website www.panticon.com is hosted by www.one.com and they create statistics about how many people visit the website, with which devises people visit the website, and in which country the people logged in. This data is not shared with other parties by Panticon. With support of this, information we try to continuously improve our website.

The website is created using the content management system WordPress and they are using cookies to steer and guide through the website.