The Logistics sector encompasses different things depending on the context. In a broad definition, as used by Panticon, the “Logistics sector” is comprised of both suppliers of assets and services as well as organizations with logistical needs. Logistics involves both the storage and movement of goods. The movement can be by truck, rail, barge, ocean, or air freight modes of transport. Ports also play an important role in the transport network. Topics surrounding logistics include planning, weather conditions, and health/safety/security/environment/quality considerations.

At Panticon, we serve the suppliers of logistics services and transport solutions. We help these organizations across our three key disciplines and we may also support with specific support to very bespoke challenges faced. Over time, we have supported various logistics service providers, ports, and asset owners across many industry verticals with their logistics needs.

We also service organizations with logistical needs such as shippers or beneficiary cargo owners. We have worked with firms in the sectors of automotive, chemicals, clothing, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, energy, fast-moving consumer goods, footwear, furniture, general department store merchandise, hi-tech, pharmaceutical, retail, and toys.

clients are
  • Trading firms
  • Shippers/beneficiary cargo owners
  • Manufacturers
  • Shipping firms
  • Logistics service providers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Rail providers
  • Trucking firms
  • Port operators
  • Warehousing firms
  • Transport equipment providers
  • Government related entities
  • Private equity funds
  • IT software providers