2018      “P Solutions”, “Panther Consulting” and “Renewable Energy Solutions” decided to merge and work under the new name “Panticon”. The three core disciplines of “Panticon” represent the main focus of each former business unit.

Reasons for the merger:

  • Complementary knowledge.
  • Easier for clients to understand our diversity of offers when everything is combined under one brand.
  • To be a unique advisory because of our specific offers.

2012     The independent strategy consultancy firm “P Solutions” was incorporated in Denmark.

The former relations between the three business units is visualised in the following illustration. As a sister company, “Renewable Energy Solutions” combined the shared knowledge of “Panther Consulting” and “P Solutions” within a separate brand for renewable energy.

2009       A new business unit called “Renewable Energy Solutions” was formed to make market entry into the renewable energy market. The main focus of “Renewable Energy Solutions” was the Offshore Wind segment which was quite new at the time. The somewhat early market entry enabled “Renewable Energy Solutions” to gain significant knowledge and this led to a competitive advantage in the market.

2003      “Panther Consulting” was formed by Thomas Poulsen with the main focus on Logistics and Mergers & Acquisitions.