The first offshore wind farm was erected in Vindeby, Denmark in 1991. Wind turbines had been installed on land for quite some time because it is less expensive than Offshore Wind. However, Offshore Wind offered new opportunities because the wind speed and the wind direction are more consistent at sea. As an industry, Offshore Wind picked up speed during the 1990s and around 2008-2010, the industry had started a maturation process.

In this emerging industry, Panticon supports firms with market entry strategies or expansion programs. At Panticon, we have specialized in the emerging offshore wind markets around the globe to assist the diffusion of Offshore Wind also outside Europe.

We are able to service organizations across the value chain with the challenges they are facing within this new and dynamic industry. Our team of specialists are experts within the different offshore wind life-cycle phases starting from development & consent through to installation & commissioning, operations & maintenance, and finally de-commissioning.

clients Are
  • Energy utilities
  • Manufacturers of offshore wind turbines
  • Manufacturers of balance of plant equipment
  • Suppliers and sub-suppliers
  • Engineering, procurement, construction, and installation providers
  • Grid transmission operators
  • Cluster organizations
  • Ports
  • Transportation companies