Panticon’s involvement in shaping the future of wind logistics

March 15, 2021

Wind turbines are growing in terms of output yield and this means that the individual turbine components are getting heavier, bigger, and more voluminous. This has a profound impact on logistics in the wind industry and Panticon is actively involved in helping to ensure that transport equipment and port infrastructure can accommodate these changes across different markets globally.

Panticon has been co-funding the involvement of Managing Partner Thomas Poulsen as the facilitator of Wind Logistics Group over the past years. In a recent panel discussion with preceding presentations, some of the work efforts as of December 2020 presented by members of Wind Logistics Group. One focus area is to standardize, improve, and further streamline the use of handling equipment, lifting equipment, and transport equipment in the wind industry. Another focus area is that of the existing and future ports when it comes to the process of future proofing what is being constructed today in a manner that will match the larger, heavier, and more voluminous wind turbines of the future. And finally the last topic is the further build-out of the USA wind infrastructure as the supply chain for offshore wind on the US East Coast is emerging with a defining impact on logistics, port management, and shipping in the wake of the new Biden administration taking over the White House. In this recording, you can watch the presentations and the subsequent panel dialogue.