Global offshore wind fireside chat: The key themes and issues of the supply chain, shipping, logistics, and ports

During BreakBulk Europe CONNECT21 on May 17-21 2021, Wind Logistics Group was the official partner for the offshore wind panel session which took place online on May 20, 2021. Leading up to the online panel session on offshore wind, BreakBulk had invited Wind Logistics Group to take part in a fireside chat about the globally expanding offshore wind market with focus on the build-out of the supply chain from an angle of shipping, logistics, and port management.

Leslie Meredith of BreakBulk Events & Media hosted a fireside chat where Flemming Breum, Product Line Director, Logistics of Ørsted along with Panticon Managing Partner, Thomas Poulsen, were asked a number of questions about the globally expanding offshore wind market. The focus was on the shipping, logistics, and port management issues faced by the ever expanding supply chain.

The fireside chat was organized because Wind Logistics Group was the official partner of the BreakBulk Europe CONNECT21 session on offshore wind which took place on May 20, 2021. Ørsted is an industry partner of Wind Logistics Group and Thomas Poulsen from Panticon is the facilitator of Wind Logistics Group.

The fireside chat covered global topics spanning Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. Different shipping, logistics, and port-related topics were covered in detail along with the macro-level drivers behind the expansion of offshore wind at country level and globally. Watch the fireside chat here: