December 20, 2018

New market report on Taiwan highlights opportunities for European firms

Positive developments in the emerging offshore wind market in Taiwan have occurred at high pace in the last two years up to November 2018 making Taiwan one of the most promising new offshore wind markets in the world. This has drawn attention from experienced European firms across the entire offshore wind value chain. A new free-of-charge report by Danish management consulting and market research firm Panticon provides a basic understanding to assist firms looking to enter or find local partners in the onrushing Taiwanese market.

With 10.5 GW of planned offshore wind projects approved, of which 5.5GW offshore wind capacity has been awarded to 10 developers for grid connection by 2025, Taiwan is on track to make the global top ten for offshore wind markets as well as becoming Asia-Pacific’s number two. The Taiwanese market progress is based on collaboration between domestic Taiwanese firms and international firms with experience especially from the offshore wind markets in Europe. A market report on the Taiwanese offshore wind market has just been released by Danish management consulting firm Panticon. Managing Partner Thomas Poulsen, states:

Developers and turbine manufacturers look to meet local content requirements by entering into partnerships with local constituencies to establish a local supply chain. However, most local firms and organizations do not have specific experience and track-record from the offshore wind industry. This yields a window of opportunity for experienced European offshore wind firms.

Still room for more experienced European firms

Experienced European firms across the entire offshore wind supply chain have set up in Taiwan, putting the island on track to become Asia-Pacific’s offshore wind hub. Eight non-Taiwanese developers account for 88% of the 5.5GW offshore wind capacity awarded so far. The two leading global offshore wind turbine manufacturers have preferred supplier status for more than 2GW of this capacity. Yet there is still room for more partnerships between Taiwanese firms diversifying into the offshore wind industry and experienced international offshore wind firms. Thomas Poulsen, who recently finished his PhD research project ”Global Wind Energy Shipping and Logistics”, states:

– In order to meet the great potential, Taiwan can benefit from the knowledge possessed by the experienced international offshore wind firms with experience from the European market. Therefore, opportunities exist for those who are looking to enter or find local partners in the vibrant Taiwanese market. The shift in local political power from the Democratic Progressive Party to the Kuomintang at end of November 2018, and the subsequent announcement to reduce the offshore wind feed-in tariffs (FITs), may lead to delays but the market is expected to take off.

Ten free reports on emerging offshore wind markets

The market report on Taiwan is the first in a series of 10 free-of-charge market reports providing a basic understanding of the most promising new offshore wind markets outside Europe. The management consulting firm Panticon releases the reports as a give-away to celebrate the new firm name. Until now, the consultancy services within the energy segment were delivered under the name of Renewable Energy Solutions. The firm is still particularly strong in the Offshore Wind and Logistics sectors within the three core disciplines of Market Intelligence, Strategic Management Advisory and Mergers & Acquisitions. One of Panticon’s core competencies is to advise firms looking to enter new markets, including finding potential local partners and establishing alliances or joint-ventures. To sign up for the Taiwan report as well as nine subsequent reports, please visit the firm website For more information, please contact Managing, Partner Thomas Poulsen:, +45-212 661 88.