War in Europe and post COVID stimulus measures speed up green transformation

The speed of the green transition is picking up quickly because of the very unfortunate situation in Ukraine and due to the post COVID-19 stimulus packages to boost the economies. Our managing partner, Thomas Poulsen, hosted a panel on the these topics at Breakbulk Europe 2022 in Rotterdam on May 18, 2022.

As a result of the war in Ukraine, Europe and other countries are trying to become independent of energy supplies from Russia. One of the means to achieve this is to go green faster than planned. Energy supply is quickly in the process of being linked to energy security from a political perspective.

In addition, a lot of liquidity has been infused into the green transformation after the COVID-19 pandemic. Using a post COVID-19 stimulus approach, many countries have earmarked significant funding to speed up the green transformation. Combined, the situation in Ukraine and the stimulus infused after COVID-19 are the key reasons why the green transformation is moving forward at a much quicker pace than previously. Our managing partner, Thomas Poulsen, was the host of a panel discussing these topics and the impact on the transport and logistics industry on May 18, 2022. The panel gathered at the Breakbulk Europe 2022 exhibition and conference event in Rotterdam.

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