At Panticon, our main focus is to serve the unique needs of our clients. We support them in every task within the discipline of Market Intelligence. We help to understand the market changes, outline trends, and provide important market information enabling our clients to make the right decisions. Our Market Intelligence services also include creating an understanding of our clients’ customers, competitors, suppliers, and other stake-holders.

Market Research (Reports)

Market research helps our clients to understand the markets within which they wish to operate. The market reports provide the foundation for our clients to make the right business decisions. At Panticon, we publish up-to-date reports and deliver them within the agreed timeframes. We conduct data collection, database management, and we craft the reports. Our reports are unique depending on different situations and requirements, and are always tailor-made.

Market Analysis

Market analysis tasks are often necessary to carry out in order to enter a new market successfully. Entry into new markets could involve new geographies, new customer segments, and the addition of new products. Market analysis spots market trends and helps to define a new business strategy. The Panticon team relies on historical data, up-to-date in-house sources, and external data to provide tailored analysis. At Panticon, we complement our competences with our extensive network of partners globally. Furthermore, we bring different perspectives to determine patterns and we put strong emphasis on triangulation to enhance objectivity.

Market Due Diligence

We provide market due diligence services in order to, among others, inform and advise our clients’ strategy in different markets. It is important to understand the whole environment and the market trends, including important value chain stake-holders such as suppliers and competitors. We help our clients with crafting of business cases with a market focus as part of the commercial due diligence efforts. Moreover, we do technical and regulatory due diligence in partnership with our network and we support other market entry strategies.

Emerging Markets

Especially emerging markets show behavioural differences with regards to consumers, competitors, and suppliers when contrasted to more mature markets. To understand the differences, the challenges, and the opportunities between emerging and mature markets, the Panticon team will provide our clients with the most important information. We support our clients with strategic options, market entry planning, partner selection, as well as a combination of market research and market analysis. The Panticon team complements its capabilities via our network of partners in global markets, providing contextual and up-to-date local as well as regional intelligence.

Supply Chain Analysis

The purpose of a supply chain analysis can be to improve the business, make the business more flexible, and capture the maximum value from the supply chain. We offer bespoke supply chain analysis both in the mature markets as well as in new and emerging markets. Furthermore, we specialize in shipping and marine, port management, land transport (truck, rail, barge), supply chain assessments (readiness, potential for the future) and Logistics (land, port, sea, air). For Offshore Wind, we specialize in the wind turbine generator value chain as well as balance of plants.

Our offerings in our core disciplines: