At Panticon, we provide Strategic Management Advisory services to assist our clients either at corporate or business unit level. Our Strategic Management Advisory services are designed to lead to a competitive advantage and result in better performance for our clients. In rendering support to define the strategy of firms and organizations, we help our clients to think out of the box and get an independent opinion.

Strategic Options Review

The goal of a strategic options review is to determine the corporate direction of the firm or organization and to determine if new business areas should be added, other business areas eliminated, or if businesses should be contracted/grown. This process provides the foundation for further work to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by ensuring that the firm or organization moves forward with the right structure.

Strategy Consulting

At Panticon, we provide strategy consulting solutions to help our clients achieve profitable and sustainable growth. To reach this objective, we help define the business goals, analyse the business processes, research the markets and create solutions which combine the business processes with the goals. Finally, we help to implement the most convincing solutions. Therefore, the business becomes more efficient and key performance indicators for the business are adjusted to match the strategy set.

Project Management

At Panticon, we support our clients during projects. We are sticking to the five project phases, which are outlined in the illustration below, to make the projects successful.

Tactical & Strategic Growth

Tactical (organic) and strategic (M&A) growth options are supported by Panticon as we are specialised in creating plans for firms and organizations to grow both ways. If tactical organic growth is desired, we assist in evaluating the opportunities and creating the necessary business cases. At Panticon, we also support strategic growth as it may involve mergers, acquisitions, formalizing different kinds of joint-ventures, partnerships or alliances.

Strategy Implementation

Once defined, the strategy needs to be executed. At Panticon, we have extensive experience in supporting the strategy implementation process. Our experience ranges from ad-hoc support to more formalized participation in steering committees, establishment of a project organization, on-site support, interim management, and also independent non-executive Supervisory Board Membership support. A good implementation is often as important as a well-defined strategy. Moreover, it is important that the key goals, objectives, and targets are continuously reviewed as time progresses. Ultimately, the strategy has to be evaluated and updated.

Our offerings in our core disciplines: