At Panticon, we support our clients in the discipline of Mergers & Acquisitions which belongs to the field of strategic growth. This involves mergers, acquisitions, as well as different kinds of joint-ventures, partnerships, and alliances. Our services may also include divestitures and restructuring. Panticon’s goal is for its clients to gain a competitive advantage because they enter a new market or expand their market share in conjunction with other market constituencies.

M&A Market Scan

A M&A market scan shows our clients which firms are available to acquire, to form a joint-venture, partnership or alliance in their target market. We scan the target market by focussing on the target transaction size and the geographical preferences of our client. Our results builds the foundation for further decisions like the choice of firm they want to acquire based on their overall strategy.

Deal Origination

At Panticon, we help our clients with deal origination. Our clients present us their choice of target firms and we contact these firms in an anonymous way. We do this because in some cases we see different market developments and discuss that with the constituencies involved. In this way, we assist our clients in determining if the firms really fit together commercially.

Due Diligence

At Panticon, we provide due diligence support in order to, among others, inform and advise our clients’ M&A strategy. It is important to understand the commercial drivers behind the firm or asset which our client wishes to acquire, divest, or establish as a joint-venture. It is also important to understand the whole environment and the market trends. We help our clients with crafting of business cases from a commercial perspective which may include the financials and legal aspects, often in collaboration with other due diligence partners.

Negotiations & Agreement

Many companies do not have their own full-time staff to manage the whole M&A process. Therefore, we support our clients during the negotiations until the final agreement. The objective of contract negotiations is to accurately reflect the intentions of the selling and acquiring parties of the transaction. At Panticon, we help to negotiate with the target firm and their advisors. Moreover, we help our clients finalize their agreements. This means to translate the business negotiations into legal language with the help of lawyers.

Post-merger Integration

The majority of all M&A deals are not successful because of poor post-merger integration execution. Some reasons for this are lack of organizational focus, poor planning, and inadequate project management. It is important to integrate every part of the business and the speed, scope, and scale are important dimensions to consider. Especially organizational and IT issues are important to clarify. Therefore, we support  our clients in the field of post-merger integration to make their M&A endeavours successful.

Our offerings in our core disciplines: